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Celebrating 25 Years

Academic Courses

For more than 20 years, the Opus College of Business has taught family business management courses.

The Family Business Center offers students the opportunity to take classes in a for-credit environment while working toward either their undergraduate or graduate degree. The courses listed below are part of the Family Business concentration. Classes can be taken at either the undergraduate level for a B.A., or at the graduate level while working towards an MBA.

These courses are designed for students who will be owners or work in their family business. The purpose of the courses and concentration is to answer questions families have about owning, governing and leading a family business.

Students are encouraged to invite family members to attend classes and to join in an analysis of their own family business. They assess strengths, challenges, and ways to manage family and business interaction; they investigate problem solving and planning. Term projects apply course concepts to help improve the family business. Students in family business courses made these comments:

“Every aspect about the course was excellent. This course helped foster discussions with the family that should have occurred long ago.”

“Best course I have taken during my entire program, and I graduate next semester.”


More Information

Ritch Sorenson, Ph.D.
Opus Endowed Chair in Family Business
Academic Director
(651) 962-4252

The concentration includes two core courses:

Family Business Governance

Entrepreneurship & Innovation