Family Business Center

Celebrating 25 Years


Discuss family business issues with your peers

Join a family business roundtable with peers who share similar family business roles, to discuss, learn from and overcome obstacles faced as members of business families. As part of a Family Business Center roundtable, you’ll:

  • Grow your network of family business peers
  • Learn from and receive advice from people who navigate similar business issues
  • Find personal growth while being held accountable by your peers
  • Hold in-depth, confidential discussions on critical family and business issues

Roundtables meet up to 10 times a year, up to three hours each time. They function rather autonomously, with members determining the time, place, location and content of group meetings. Sessions are facilitated by local family business adviser with deep experience working with business families. The annual cost is $950 per person, per roundtable joined.

Family business members must apply to be in a roundtable group. The Center works to ensure each participant is in a group without competitors, customers or family members. The center is currently accepting applications for the following groups:

  • Family CEO/Owners
  • Next Generation Leaders
  • Women
  • Non-family Executives