Morrison Center for Entrepreneurship

Turning Entrepreneurial Thinking into Innovative Ventures

The center’s affiliated faculty and staff take great pride in the depth and quality of our entrepreneurial program.
Others outside the university have recognized our achievements, as well.


A sampling of the numerous awards bestowed upon the center include:

Entrepreneur Magazine

UST’s entrepreneurship program has been ranked among the elite group of national universities, according to professional teaching colleagues in Entrepreneur magazine.

The 2003 study, administered by Santa Barbara research firm Tec Knowledge Point Corporation, placed St. Thomas in the third tier overall, which is among the top five percent of all business programs. Data gathered from entrepreneurship faculty at nearly 300 schools rated St. Thomas seventh best nationally – among the ranks of fellow entrepreneurship academic powerhouses US Berkley, Wake Forest and Dartmouth.

Success Magazine

St. Thomas was ranked in four successive years as being in the top 25 schools to offer outstanding entrepreneurship education. In 2001, it was ranked FIFTH, the highest to date.

Free Enterprise Award

In 2001, the International Franchise Association (IFA) presented its prestigious Free Enterprise Award to St. Thomas in recognition of the Institute for Franchise Management programs. Past award winners include McDonald’s Corporation, former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Maloney, Entrepreneur Media Group and J. Peter Grace of W.R. Grace & Co.

Established in 1982, the Free Enterprise Award honors individuals or organizations in business, government, media or academia that have strengthened and fostered the development of the free enterprise system.

The USASBE Award

The United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) has recognized St. Thomas a number of times. First in 1993, St. Thomas won the National Model MBA Entrepreneurship Program. Then in 1999, St. Thomas won the National Model Undergraduate Entrepreneurship program in the United States. Only Ball State and UST have won the award at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Then in 2002, it awarded St. Thomas the Innovative Entrepreneurship Course Award for “Christian Faith and the Management Professions: An Entrepreneurial Perspective,” developed by Dr. Jeff Cornwall and Dr. Mike Naughton.

Edwin M. Apple Award

The Edwin M. Apple Award is given each year to individuals who bring entrepreneurial vitality to academe in the true spirit of the Price-Babson College Fellows. This national award honors of the former director of the Price Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies. St. Thomas is proud to have received five Apple awards since they were first presented in 1987.

Entrepreneurial Education Award-Minnesota

This award was given to the St. Thomas Entrepreneurship Program by the US Small Business Administration during Small Business Week in recognition of its contributions to the strengthening of small business.

National Federation of Independent Business Foundation Award

The St. Thomas Entrepreneurship program received this award for creativity, enterprise, and achievement in entrepreneurship and free enterprise education.

Our Students

Another crucial component in measuring the strength of the Center is the success of its students. Statistics from the St. Thomas entrepreneurship program beat the national odds considerably. Nationally only 40 percent of businesses survive; however, at St. Thomas there is an 88 percent long-term success rate for undergraduate student businesses and 93 percent long-term success rate for graduate student businesses started. Additionally, both our academic and lifelong learning students have been recognized with prestigious awards and citations.