Center for Nonprofit Management

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Research and Resources


The Center for Nonprofit Management funds research which builds knowledge and applicable resources in the growing fields of social entrepreneurship, nonprofit leadership and governance, impact measures, finance, operations, accountability and project management.

Faculty Research

  • 2012: Mike Sullivan (finance) – “The Utilization of Financial and Business Outsourcing by Nonprofit Organizations”
  • 2012: Rich Sathe (accounting) – “Accountability and Youth Sports”
  • 2012: Ernie Owens (management) – “How Do 44 Project Management Process Descriptions Drive Project Success in For-Profit and Nonprofit Organizations?”
  • 2009-2010: Nonprofit Accountability and Effectiveness Development System (N-LEADS)
  • 2009: Ernie Owens (management) — “Building Project Management Capacity in Nonprofit Organizations”
  • 2009: Christine Bennett (marketing) – “Can Embeddedness Hurt?  Examining the Impact of Board Embeddedness on Nonprofit Fundraising and Governance”
  • 2009: Rich Sathe (accounting) “Telling Their Stories: Not-For-Profit Organizations and the IRS Form 990.”

Resources and Links