Small Business Institute

Providing exceptional business consulting & creating rich learning opportunities

Small Business Institute

Since its inception in 1974, the Small Business Institute (SBI) at the University of St. Thomas has been instrumental in the success and growth of many businesses in the Twin Cities area.

What we do is leverage UST business faculty and students to provide exceptional business consulting—so far, we have helped sharpen and inform over 2,100 small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Survey Resources and Policies

  • Qualtrics – online survey tool for students with instructions for account setup
  • Responsible Use Policy – Students: read this carefully before setting up any online survey

About Our Work

The purpose of the UST Small Business Institute is to contribute to a healthy regional business climate in a way that is mutually beneficial to both business and the St. Thomas community. Specifically, we are here to:

  • To help our small business clients improve their performance and profitability via high-quality business consultations with our expert faculty and professional staff.
  • To create unique, extraordinarily rich learning opportunities for students as they apply their knowledge and skills to real-world business situations.

Innovation in Training

Students working with the UST Small Business Institute won first place in the SBI National Project of the Year Competition with their “Healthcare Interactive, Inc.” project.

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What Our Clients Say

“The market survey performed by the Small Business Institute of the University of Saint Thomas had a direct impact on our company’s ability to raise additional financing.” 

– Michael W. Geatz, President, IntelliPatch

What Our Clients Say

“We needed a change in how we were using our association’s web site. The services of the St. Thomas’ Student Business Institute (SBI) provided a fresh look at what we were doing.

“We had heard many stories of the professionalism and the quality of work that the students would provide and it all proved to be true. The students did an outstanding job in their survey methods and analysis of our situation.

“The results have allowed the Minnesota Community Education Association Board of Directors to implement many of the recommendations and changes that the students final report suggested.”

– Bob Meyer, Executive Director, Minnesota Community Education Association